2009 MFA in Writing

March 27
Corisa Moreno
Catie Jarvis
Autumn B. Heath
David Aloi
Graham Emory Guest
Diane Berry

April 3
Lindsay Keller
Elizabeth Bacon Jones
Sonia Belasco
Avra Spector
Jordan Payne
Candra Kolodziej
Evan Schnair

April 17
Dené Shelton
Megan Taylor
Laura Quezadaz
Michael Pakes
Jennifer Lynne Roberts
Christopher Lura

April 24
Christine Choi
Samantha Taymore
Beth Mattson
Robert Herring
Clarissa J. Mendiola
Aide Rodriguez
Samantha Shane Taymore  
Artist Statement
I write poetry, creative nonfiction, and screenplays.  I also have a few ideas for novels in the works.  My work varies in theme and form, but includes a lot of imagery of mirrors and cameras.  I hope to eventually be published in all these genres.

Thesis Work
Open your eyes and look
past the dilating pupils
Alterations in the fabric of the eye
If now is all that counts, then
our meaning is friction against
Alterations in the matter of an atom
Let me out and I’ll show you
delineating pattern and a phobia of shapes
Alterations in the sequence of the language
Let me through and I’ll show
Perception is dust in the cornea
Alterations in the coincidence, photographic moments of periphery
I dreamed you and then you were there
This is my only stance

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